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The Bike Blog August 2017

The Bike Blog direct from here in Serre Chevalier.

Back in the UK now



Arrived back home to our house on the beach and it's been superb kiting weather two out of the three days and looks set to continue so a few days off the bike.

More here on the Weather Page direct from the UK South Coast

Gav Kite



Hard ride up the Galibier today from Monetier taking part in the Defi Du Galibier.

Well pleased with numerous PBs on the climb, a great end to my summer of riding in Serre Chevalier

And once back down it was a quick half hour break and then back out on the MTB for one last ride up to Frejus and Pi Mail :(

Defi du Galibier
Defi du Galibier



Have had quite an easy week, not least because of the weather but also wanted an enforced rest as have the Defi du Granon race this Sunday and I want to try and do a good time, though I thought the road would be closed, and having just collected my number found out that is not the case so think there's going to be a fair amount of chaos tomorrow on the road; and also hoping the headwind will not be as strong as today!

That said, did cycle up the Galibier this week from below the Lautaret, on the Ancien Route, off road with Elaine (who was running) and Les Chiens.

Here we are again!


And came across this BMW just down from the Col. Some poor Dutch dude had a bad day the day before in the foul weather we had, misjudging a bend. Must have been zero viz up there and nigh on freezing.

Galibier BMW

Next was Via Ferrata and then yesterday back up for the third and final attempt to find the ski I lost in an avalanche in the forest down from Cibouit, and like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Dogs had a good time though and a first for them going up on a chair-lift.

Dogs Chair-lift



Have had a couple of keen cycling mates out this week.

So Wednesday it the Boucle Izoard and I had some demons to bury from the last ascent of the Izoard on the Etape du Tour when the last 7km took me over 2.5hrs due to severe cramps.

Temp's this time round were almost as hot, but we had not cycled up over Vars, and we'd also had a good lunch in Brunissard so it was a walk in the park!

Yesterday, like it seems most Thursday's was the Galibier again, and please to report I managed a PB on the climb to the Galibier from the Lautaret as well as a few others.

Galibier Cow

Early part of the week went hunting my lost ski, Monday took the Bacchus lift up in Monetier with the MTB and rode down the Tabac piste to below the trees where I think I lost it and spent an hour looking for it, then climbed back up and had a good descent on the blue/red trails back down.

Then on Tuesday we hiked up but did not actually go into search mode, maybe one last attempt next week.