7 UP: The Top Reasons to Visit the Swiss Alps in Summer

While the Swiss Alps are renowned for winter sports, they are also popular in the summer when the mountains are bursting with colour and alive with activity.

Summer in the Swiss Alps means hiking along scenic paths, cycling up classic cols and simply enjoying the mesmerising beauty of the magnificent mountains

Here are seven very good reasons to visit the Swiss Alps in the summer:

1) To Hike and Bike

Given the balmy weather in summer, the Swiss Alps offer the perfect conditions to set out on a scenic walk. One of the most popular walks is the Eiger Trail. It starts at the Eigergletscher railway station and takes you past the Lauberhorn mountain and the Kleine Scheidegg pass. Opened from June to October, the Eiger Trail is about 6km long, but there's an option to shorten the hike to 2.5km

Those who prefer to cycle will find plenty of well-paved roads in the Swiss Alps taking you past stunning lakes and through picturesque alpine villages. Mountain bikers will also find challenging trails that require climbing among snowy peaks. Too tough? Hire an eMTB, to cruise the views.

2) To Swim in Mountain Lakes

Summer adventures in the Swiss Alps are not only land-based. In fact, summer is the perfect time to take a dip in the refreshing Alpine lakes and rivers. 

Discover the many beautiful waterfalls in the Swiss Alps, such as the Seerenbach Falls, Trümmelbach Falls and Staubbach Falls. They provide a picture-perfect setting for a picnic and a refreshing swim. 

Head to Interlaken for water-based activities, from white water rafting to kayaking. The Verzasca Valley, with its delightful Mediterranean climate, is also a popular option for swimming in the Alps in summer.

3) To Enjoy a Summer Camp

The Swiss Alps are a perfect destination for kids to enjoy a European summer camp adventure. A summer camp promotes independence and responsibility, encouraging children to explore new places within a safe and secure environment. They can experience the mountains and outdoor adventures including hiking across valleys, scrambling over rocks, and kayaking on lakes.

Participating in various activities can help children learn lifelong skills, not only sports-orientated but, also, leadership and communication interacting with kids from different countries and backgrounds.

4) To Visit the Wineries

Switzerland may be more famous for its picturesque landscapes and majestic mountains, but it's also a destination for wine lovers, taking advantage of the great weather in the summer to explore its wineries and savour the delectable wines.

Some of the county's vineyards are set in the most scenic locations of the Swiss Alps, producing an impressive array of grape varieties.  

Check out the vineyards of Ticino, where you can discover noteworthy red wines. Given its Mediterranean climate, Ticino benefits from the high average temperatures and beautiful sunny weather, making it one of the best wine-growing regions in Switzerland.

5) To do the Festivals

Fun festivals are among the many reasons to visit the Swiss Alps in summer. 

To completely immerse in Swiss culture, attend the International Alphorn Festival in Nendaz, where you'll experience Swiss wrestling, yodellers, whip crackers and folk dancers. The highlight is the Alphorn competition, where players compete with a longhorn. These ancient horns are several metres long, heard up to a distance of 10km..

Other festivals are the Swiss Yodeling Festival, the world-renowned Jazz Festival in Montreux and Bern's Gurten Music Festival, showcasing the very best in Swiss talents and top international acts.

6) To Enjoy a Railway Adventure

Switzerland's railways are famous worldwide for having some of the most spectacular mountain views, with summer the perfect time to soak up sun-kissed vistas. 

Take the Golden Pass Panoramic Express. Better known as the gateway to Gstaad, it travels between Montreux and Lucerne through Interlaken and Zweisimmen. In the south, travel on the Glacier Express, which connects Zermatt and St. Moritz, passing through high viaducts and majestic mountain passes.

The Glacier Express train from Zermatt to St. Moritz is another scenic railway route. Travelling at a slower pace, you can take in the breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps as it travels past historic mountain villages, waterfalls, and dramatic peaks.

7) To Ski in Summer

Last but not least there's the fact that it's high summer, people are sunbathing but you can still ski or snowboard in the Swiss Alps.

Head to Snowpark Zermatt, one of the highest freestyle arenas in the region and one of the Alps' best snowparks. The summer snowpark at Plateau Rosa, also, offers plenty of creative possibilities for freestyle.

Catch the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise cable car, the highest gondola in the Alps, rising to a 3,883m summit with 360° views across to the mighty mountain peaks of Italy and France as well as Switzerland, The ski area on the Theodul Glacier, open 365 days a year, is where many of the world's pros choose to train for next ski season during the summer months.

Main image: Piotr Guzik at Unsplash