The Ski Blog 2nd March 2018

The Powder Feast From the East

The first day of meteorologic spring, 1st March, arrived with a feast of powder brought by the easterly storm giving us thigh deep powder in Serre Che - and that's just on the piste...


We woke up to at least 50cms of fresh snow on Thursday, the first day of March. After digging the van out we headed to Monetier for early lifts at 08.30. Being among the first up the Bacchus chair, Gav, Pike (vid below) and I had runs down pistes which were thigh deep in powder for half a dozen laps using the drag.


Then, joined by Bushy on her snowboard, it was time for a hike to do La Crête des Lauzières going over that narrow ridge. It meant making first tracks wading through waist deep snow (see main image) which was as hard for us skiers as it was for Bushy. The ridge was easier than usual thanks to the deep powder slowing the traverse and low vis so I couldn't actually see the steep drops. 

Then it was a ride down through the trees with powder face shots in some of the deepest snow we've had in recent years in Serre Chevalier.