Ski Blog 6th April 2018

The 40th Day of Powder This Winter

We lost count of how many powder days we've had here this winter but then, thanks to Strava, we were able to add them up. And it's been 40 days. And that's not counting Japan...


Just when I was about to put my Nordica Santa Ana 110s back in the garage, we have yet another powder morning. After a miserable Wednesday with drenching rain during the evening, Thursday was a bluebird up the hill with around 15cms of perfect powder.

So we were on first lifts and making first tracks from off the Crete drag, top of the Clot Gautiher chair and then the ridge, both ways, off Eychauda. 

According to Gav's Strava where he has recorded every day in the white room as 'powder', there have been 40 days, this winter, here (that's Serre Chevalier plus La Grave and Queyras) - and he missed the Easter Saturday powder shred when he was in the UK. They haven't all been bluebirds by any means, but even stormriding in a blizzzard or two has been epic.

And, then, of course, we had Japan. So we're now getting to nearly 50 days of powder skiing. And 0 for spring touring. But the season's not over yet...

fresh tracks