Ski Blog 18th - 22nd March 2018

Is It Spring Yet?

Much as we love powder and feel blessed with how many days this winter we've had in the white room, we've been pining for warmer days and those classic ski tours in the sun and spring snow...


Go chasing powder on north slopes? Or seek spring corn on the south-facing ones? And what about avalanche risk that was 4/5 last weekend with all the fresh snow?

This has been the dilemma for the past week as the sun has finally given us hope of warmer days and spring ski touring. But significantly the temperatures haven't actually been that high during the day especially with some chill winds blowing. In fact, it's been colder at the end of March than it was in February last year.

So we've done short ski tours with the Rando Chiens just to give them some exercise (Kiki has definitely had too much French bread) and see what the snow's doing. Our last south slope tour was yesterday, Wednesday, in Cervieres, where there'd been another 10cms overnight and the snow wasn't transforming at all. But at least there was fresh.

Gavin's also been up the Lautaret on the north side to still score untracked powder which is staying cold and skiable after last week's snowfall. At least, with this much snow, spring ski touring should last well into May.

ski tourimg with dogs