Ski Blog. 16th February 2018

When The Snow's So Good You Just Can't Stop

Looking at a rain laden forecast I'd decided that I would not ski. But it's amazing how 5cms of fresh and blue sky can tempt you out and with texts and WhatsApp pinging away a plan was made...


Friday, 16th February

Well amazing what can happen in a couple of days; only a few days ago we were skiing in minus 20. The forecast for yesterday looked grim with rain and temps of +8 and the night before I decided that I would not ski and then we awoke to minus 2 and 5cm of snow with low viz.

But within the hour blue sky was making an appearance, so with a few texts and WhatsApp pinging a plan was made with an American friend I've skied with coming over from La Grave to ski here in Serre Che. So as usual pressure was on to give him a good time and to date my record has been pretty good with visiting dudes.

We did a classic run off the back down to the Vallon de Chambran in a mixture of powder and spring snow, this time going all the way to the valley floor. See picture above.

It was just so good that you did not want to stop.

But we paid for that sublime descent on the climb back up as temps ramped up and the fresh snow turned to stodge sticking to our skins, and it was so hot. I was quite wasted by the end and that beer in Pi Mai tasted so good!

The Vallons piste was like you'd expect in April and all the way down Frejus every now and again you'd hit that knee wrenching Velcro snow!

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