Ski Blog. 15th February 2018

Between winter and spring

The temperatures have been cold up until now but the sun has been out. So it's still technically winter with cold powder on north facing slopes but we're still awaiting that classic freeze/thaw for spring conditions...


Wednesday, 14th February

Back to our secret tour area in Nevache but it was a sunny and cold five days since we were last there and the conditions had changed with more hard icy steep paths to climb up. And there was crust at the top above the trees where the slope is more exposed to the sun, 

But there was also a sprinkling of fresh so the powder in the north facing trees was sublime!

It was only Gav and me and the Rando Chiens - Gav and his 'girls' for a memorable Valentine's Tour. Beanie needs her tummy cleared of ice balls in the deeper powder but they both love chasing down the icy road taking short cuts.

ski touring with dogs

Tuesday, 13th February

Gavin and Ken went up Yret chair, down a fairly skied Montagnolle then skinned up the north-east untracked face for perfect powder.