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14th November


11:40 and the first flocons are falling and laying on the patio!

The recent forecasts have been teasing with two substantial snowfalls, one which is starting to happen now and then another Sunday into Monday, which now is only a dribble.

As ever there can still be the ever-present scenario of where the snow will actually fall, will one mountain ridge act as a barrier holding the advance of the snow into our valley?

The Style Altitude Team have now clocked up four ski tour sorties above2,500m and would dispute what various Serre Chevalier organisations are claiming on Social Media with regards to snow depth at altitude.

You can read more about those early season sorties and the ever-present danger of pre-season sharks just below the surface here

The Jack Russells, Rando Chiens, are awaiting more consolidated snow conditions. Read about our first ski tour of the season and the trials and tribulations of being a small Jack Russel in deep snow here.

What kind of winter will we have in the Alps? Does snow in November mean a pow-fest season? You can check the signs, stats, swings and the long-range weather forecasts for snowfall in the Alps, this winter, here. Or you can burn all your kit as a sacrifice to the Snow Gods...

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