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6th July


We've actually had a couple of days now without hearing the rumble of thunder and the subsequent torrential rain that usually accompanies the early evening thunder, that said it's still worth monitoring the forecast and keeping an ever-watchful eye on the clouds throughout the day.

Middle of next week is currently looking a lot cooler than of late, that said yesterday we were climbing the Izoard in mid to high teens, though by the time we descended down to Briancon it was nigh on 30 degrees. 

3rd July


The incessant hot temps of the previous week broke on Sunday with a major storm early evening, and that has been the theme since then, with the clouds building up ever earlier each day.

The main road in the Nevache Valley, immediately behind us was yet again cut off by landslides caused by the storms, that's twice in one week!

Nevache Landslide

Today forecast is for storms by lunchtime, so it's up to the Col du Granon for the Col Reserves and then back down, hopefully in the dry!

As you can see we've altered the position of the webcam, so you can see more of the skyline.

28th June


STYLE ALTITUDE HQ is back in the Haute Alps where temperatures have hit the 40°s in the last couple of days.

So the tough classic col cycle tours have just become even tougher in the heat. See latest cycle blog.

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Cam will now pan to three selected points and stay for 30secs before moving on

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