Serre Chevalier Slack Country Ski-Tour Delivers

Serre Chevalier Slack Country Ski-Tour

Having briefly skied over there the day before introducing a friend to what ski-touring can offer I was hoping that it was still as good.

The timing was crucial as the forecast was for it to cloud over but as long as we had sun for the descent I wasn't too bothered if we climbed back up in flat light.

We were nigh on first lifts up from Pointless and on a Sunday that's always nice n'empty as it's Club Med's changeover day.

Then it was a case of deciding where best to drop off the back, and as I'd been up there yesterday I had a good idea.

I'd taken a friend for a brief intro to ski-touring, the only trouble was that everywhere was ensconced in cloud, and we almost headed back down just as some breaks appeared. So we were able to ski a lovely line in excellent visibility and then transition putting the skins on to climb back up, and we then repeated it, with my mate saying that was one of the best skis he's ever had, and just being out of the resort with the stunning scenery blew him away.


Off the back of Serre Chevalier

All important kick-turn practice. 

Kick turn practice off the back of Serre Chevalier

So as I knew what the potential was to ski all the way down to the Valley below, which I'd recently done knowing the snow cover was good I had a feeling that this could be a very special ski. 

The video pretty well shows how good it was, though the first line there are some other tracks visible, which were ours from yesterday :)



The snow on certain aspects had a little crust in places so as long as you skied on to another aspect it was great.

The run down into the valley below was perfect and as we descended so the cloud started to track over us. 

Once we transitioned for the climb back up, skinning along the snow comprised of at least a 10cm crust, classic polystyrene and you can read about the different types of snow that you can expect to come across when skiing off-piste here, I'm just glad we were not having to ski this!


Off the back of Serre Chevalier