All new Scott SEA 98 and 108 Freeride skis review

Scott SEA 98 and 108 Freeride skis review

So I was supposed to be testing classic All Mountain Skis and yet every time I walked past the Scott stand the SEA range called out "Ski Me"!

In the end the temptation was too much, and as I suspected, even before I saw the above marketing imagery, I knew that these skis spelt fun!

The Scott SEA Freeride range of skis review - Ski Everywhere Anytime (SEA)

And quoting from the marketing blurb which heralds that: 'It's all about freeski. It's freeriding everyday in and from resort. It's sharing fun and passion. Friends and Style matter'

Or I'd suggest more simplistically; Finding the inner kid in you.

Warning Long Introduction

I always remember when I first skied Dr Bob's, Eric Bobrowicz (RIP), White Doctor Twin Tips TW104s way back in 2013, with Bob's shop just down from where we live in Serre Chevalier. They put such a smile on my face, and the friends I skied that day in the forest noticed how I was skiing very differently from normal.

Rather than go around the snow-covered souches* that formed the pillows I was actually trying to go over them, and it seemed my legs had suddenly become considerably younger at heart, as if developing their own suspension, almost akin to how I skied moguls in my younger days before the knees started to complain!
*Tree stumps

White Doctor TW104s

Now and again I would take the old battered White Doctors out for a fun ski, as well as loaning them out to friends, who would, also, comment on the fun factor that they delivered.

Today, more often than not my steeds of choice are wide touring skis, and the uber-heavy White Doctors didn't fall into that category, though I did tour on my faithful Black Crow Atris 108s for a good few years, which were about the closest I could get to the White Doctors.

For the last few years my day-to-day skis have been the Scott 105 Superguides and 105 Freetours.

Then last year at the SIGB Ski Test I was introduced to the Pure Tour 100 and did think that maybe here was a playful touring ski with the tail and tip rocker that set it apart from the Superguide and Freetour, but I simply could not add yet one more ski to my portfolio.

And so another season commenced, and before the lifts opened we were ski touring on not the best of bases, and the Superguides ended up martyred, which then paved the way for the Pure Tours.

So what's all this got to do with the Scott SEA range?

At this season's 2024/2025 Ski Test I concentrated on the popular All Mountain category circa 90 - 100mm focusing on some of the models that have been with us over past seasons and have undergone various reiterations, such as the Mantra.

I'd already seen the SEA range of skis on the Scott stand and really liked the look of them, however, I was there to do a job and they were not on my list.

Scott SEA Freeride Skis Review

Conditions for that first morning of testing All Mountain skis were excellent, freshies to be had at altitude in 10-15cms of overnight cold snow giving way to the piste for the second half run back to the test centre.

After three descents, however, the temptation was too hard to resist, and like a naughty school boy contemplating skiving off school I made my way to the Scott stand and left with SEA 98s as opposed to the 106's as at least the 98 width was in my remit.

Going up on the chair for the fourth run of the morning there were still some areas of relatively untracked to be had.

And I spotted a nice bank of snow that could just be right for what the Scott SEA is designed for!

Getting off the lift and the first few turns confirmed very quickly that here was a very agile ski that promised you'd be in for a fun ski.

I'd already skied the terrain three times taking slight variations in the lines and the Scott SEA ate it up, probably giving me more confidence to let rip than on what seemed to be more cumbersome/heavier barges that I had previously been riding.

I was eager to get to the playground I'd spotted from the chair, paranoid that other testers would not have the same idea.

So that helped increase the charging factor maybe?

Through the chopped-up tracks interspersed with stretches of untracked off piste terrain, that was akin to one of our favourite touring areas near us in Serre Chevalier, that we call Telly Tubby Land, the Scott SEA lapped it up, bouncing and floating as the navigator saw fit.

I thoroughly enjoyed skiing it as the exaggerated rocker and construction did its thing, with the ski just wanting to be thrown around.

Scott SEA Freeride Skis Review

As the off piste terrain came to an end so it was time to see how they handled the piste, and again no complaints as they were still lively underfoot and seemed to hold an edge and charge just as well as some of the All Mountain Skis I'd been testing earlier; and I still had that smile on my face.

I didn't get the chance to test the 108s but I did hear more than one very complimentary report from a tester, and there's a good chance I'll be getting to test it at the forthcoming French Ski Test held at the beginning of February in Monetier, Serre Chevalier. But the way the forecast is looking it's not going to be fresh snow, so I'll probably have to make do with spring slush as that looks to be on the menu and no doubt the Scott SEA will love that too!

And some figures 

Scott SEA 108 184 Tip 139 Tail 128 Radius 19 Approx weight 2040
Scott SEA 98 180 Tip 133 Tail 122 Radius 17 Approx weight 1900