The Latest Freeride Weapon: SCOTT Pure Pro 109Ti Ski


What's so exciting about this new freeride weapon, the new SCOTT Pure Pro 109Ti and why did collaborator, Jereme Heitz call it the future of skiing? We asked Franz Marson, SCOTT Ski Product Supervisor, for the inside story...

The launch of the Scott Pure ski has been hailed as 'one of the most exciting ski releases from SCOTT for a long time, in fact from the whole ski industry'. What is so exciting about this ski?

It starts from a unique athlete, Jeremie. He is the one that has pushed the limit in terms of speed in high altitude. Developing a product with him, is a unique opportunity for SCOTT. What’s really interesting this time, is that we are closer than before to having the perfect balance between performance, lightness and versatility.

How did you collaborate with Jeremie Heitz (main image and below)? What did he input into the creation?

Jeremie is a real professional, on all his projects he spends time on the details. So he knows what he wants and what he is looking for. The whole project was created with him, from the shape, the choice of material and the design.

SCOTT Pure Pro

How well does the name, Pure, describe the ski.

So Pure, first is an iconic name for SCOTT on the freeride scene. It means, for us, heritage and a tribute to our freeride commitment. Second, it’s really part of the design brief, in terms of shape and graphic. To have something clean, natural… and pure. Last, it’s also a reference to the way Jeremie is approaching the mountains, higher and super-fast.

Jeremie said 'the future of skiing is having only one pair of skis in my garage'. Is the Scott Pure ski the future?

I would say 'yes', but for a certain type of skier. The one who wants to freeride every session whatever the conditions. It has the stability, the manoeuverability in any conditions.

How good a skier do you have to be to ride the SCOTT Pure and have it as your one quiver ski?

It’s a question we get often! For sure, the better you are, the further you will be able to push the product and touch your limit. But the ski is super light in this category, so it provides a lot of manoeuverability. I would say, you do not need to be super good, but at least, it’s important that you want to progress.

How does it differ from the SCOTT Superguide Freetour 105?

First, the weights are different, and the stability of the Pure is impressive. To enjoy the full potential of it, your setup, boots and bindings have to be stronger than the set up of the Superguide Freetour 105. For me this really drives two different skiing styles. Freeride vs Freetouring.

So it's aimed at guys as it is only in lengths 182 and 190? Is there an equivalent for women from SCOTT, now or in the future?

For sure, and it will come very soon.

We hear there's going to be more in the SCOTT Pure range including a return of the legendary Mission but as the Pure Mission. Can you tell us more?

The goal of the Pure with Jeremie was really to redefine for SCOTT our vision of freeriding and where the sport is evolving. Based on the material and shape we have created with this Pure project; the goal is to decline it to different models but with a very clear target consumer for each model. The Pure Mission will be really an everyday ski for those who shred the resort whatever the conditions, hard snow, groomed or powder.


SCOTT Pure Pro

      Sandwich Sidewall Construction Ti / Carbon

    • TIP MM


    • WAIST MM


    • TAIL MM


    • RADIUS M




    Twin-Tip Rocker M


    Dual Paulownia Beech Wood Core
    Carbon Fibers
    Pure Freeride Sidecut
    Titanal Reinforcement





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