Offical opening weekend of Serre Chevalier - Take Two

Classic Manchester corduroy piste

Classic Manchester corduroy, great for skinning up!

Slackcountry Friday for the official opening weekend of Serre Chevalier, no people, sunshine, but what would the snow be like, would there be any powder?


After the previous weekend which saw us skiing some good powder off the back, we really were not too sure as to what to expect as we took the Casse du Boeuf chair up.

Two days previously we had ski toured just below the Lautaret and it was like April, down to one layer of clothing, picnic in the sunshine and then skiing a creamy mix of spring snow and powder.

We knew that realistically given the forecast for the rest of the weekend it was only going to be Friday to venture up the hill, and In fact our plan was to head up over to the Prorel chair and just maybe ski spring snow off the back and then skin back up.

However as we started skiing down towards the Foret chair there was a welcoming 10-15cms of fresh, so change of plan and again we headed over the back to where we skied the previous weekend, and it was very pleasant.

This time they had pisted the Bois to perfection (above image) and there was this immaculate corduroy next to untracked powder.

The skin back up is circa 200m and takes less than half an hour which is well worth it considering the descent, in fact I skied the powder down the side of the piste and climbed a second time, this time beasting myself in under 15mins,

This really was taking slackcountry skiing to the nth degree, exaggerated by the fact that no-one else was skiing where we were as they could not get back up!