The proof that women prefer female specific kit is in the figures just released by the Snowsports Industries of Great Britain (SIGB).

In their 2014-5 Annual Trade Survey, one of the most significant results highlighted by the SIGB is the growth of the women's snowsports hardware market compared to unisex. Sales of female specific skis are up 11% (down 10% for unisex) and up 10% for ski boots (down 6% for unisex). 

And even more women are buying snowboards designed for women - sales are up 44% for snowboards (21% for unisex).

This is because women and snowsports kit has been, in the past, mainly sidelined by the industry who have focused on the male dominated sector.  But acknowledging womens's needs commercially when it comes to ski, snowboard and boot design has, as the figures show, paid dividends. Read more about the women's market in our feature, Ski Or Board Like A Girl? Hell, Yeah!

The women's specific sales bucked the general trend of a declining market across most of the key snowsports hardware categories although the notable flattening of the rate of decline is a hopeful indication of the start of a turnaround in UK sales.

The other boom area is in junior snowsports where growth is apparent in all categories, reflecting the growing youth participation and influence of indoor snow centres in the UK. Junior ski sales are up 16%, ski boot sales up 11%; junior snowboard sales have increased by 38% and snowboard boots by 79%.


For adults, the attraction of having your own perfect fitting ski boots, is reflected in the fact that they contirune to be the strongest selling item of hardware, with sales down just 1% compared to other areas. 

Meanwhile, the decline in sales of skis (down 6%) is attributed to the continuing impact of carriage charges on planes, high-end rental packages in resort and offshore internet sales. However, after a big drop, last year, there is a reported 24% growth in sales of snowboards, the opposite to the trend in snowboard boot sales (27% decline).

SIGB launched their Go UK Buy UK Campaign in September 2015 aimed at encouraging skiers and snowboarders to buy their kit in Britain. The campaign is spreading the word about the benefits of buying in the UK, notably the advantage of  sound clear advice, after sales support, worry-free warranty, good value plus supporting the industry and athletes.