La Grave 15th January 2014





Selection of shots from my day in La Grave going "solo"

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Driving up towards the Col du Lautaret with Pic Blanc ahead Nice view of the Col du Galibier ski touring route 20140115_085306.jpg 20140115_085314.jpg 20140115_085547.jpg 20140115_092355.jpg 20140115_092403.jpg 20140115_094916.jpg 20140115_094931.jpg 20140115_102935.jpg 20140115_102926.jpg 20140115_102931.jpg 20140115_110527.jpg 20140115_104018.jpg 20140115_110815.jpg 20140115_113207.jpg 20140115_113214.jpg 20140115_113211.jpg 20140115_113911.jpg 20140115_115030.jpg 20140115_114150.jpg 20140115_113916.jpg 20140115_120647.jpg 20140115_144544.jpg 20140115_143110.jpg 20140115_143250.jpg 20140115_144735.jpg 20140115_144549.jpg 20140115_144600.jpg 20140115_155145.jpg 20140115_160339.jpg 20140115_160343.jpg