Andros Trophy 2019 Serre Chevalier

Pretty spectacular if you're a Petrol Head - and it was the closest we came to powder all day!

When watching the videos of the racing be sure to turn your volume up as those engines just sound superb as they drive out of the bends, and the electric cars were pretty impressive too...

It is maybe the last time the Andros Trophy will visit Serre Chevalier Ice Racing Circuit as the whole area is due for redevelopment next year. 

The racing is literally just down the road from Style Altitude HQ, and it really is superb, though with the current cold snap it is very cold standing around. 

We went down in the afternoon and maybe did not choose the best spot to be a spectator :)

In the evening I went back down and managed to secure a press pass which gave me a much better location - and this time no cold feet.

But it would seem that getting sprayed is all part of the event as where we were earlier, and at a lot of other locations, people were loving it.

The electric cars racing were very impressive and evidently perfectly suited to stuff like this and rallycross, short races that require bags of torque.