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It's beginning to look a lot like f**ked. Macron has announced that it is very unlikey that French ski resorts will open until mid-January. He will be liaising with other European governments before making it official although don't hold your breath - or pack your skis. But, hey, there's not much snow in the Alps at the moment so it's a little easier on the FOMO.

Insured for cancelled holiday and/or companies going bust? Ski insurance has always been a minefield to negotiate but now with Covid-19 and Brexit, there's even more potential for spectacularly blowing your cover. Here are some of your questions answered.

The Covid-19 Effect. UK specialist ski operator, VIP Ski is the latest victim of the coronavirus effect on the ski season, going into administration, last week. We fear there are many more to come with the news that income for the lucrative Christmas and New Year holiday period is likely to be a bunch of zeros for all concerned in the ski holiday business. Check out the latest Covid-19 news for ski holidays and ski resorts here.

But let's spread the positive - and do your heads in a little - with some epic freeriding stoke, check out these all time Top 10 Freeride Tricks from the FWT:

Dropping.  And more doncha wish you were there from Jeremy Jones' latest movie, Purple Mountains, which is all about balance, down the spines of sheer white walls, figuring out his carbon footprint and how to further Protect Our Winters, changing politicians' and climate sceptics' views one step at a time, just like he split boards up the mountains.

Cooler temperatures are hitting the Alps this week. So far only the glaciers are currently creating FOMO for locked down skiers and snowboarders as, except for early October, it's been a dry start to the season at resort levels below 2000m. Check out our webcam in Serre Chevalier.



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La Mongie


As the possibility of going skiing this side of Christmas for most of us is as likely as Santa Claus coming down the chalet chimney, it's almost torture to browse through a book featuring pages and pages of skiers shredding untracked pow. But the 100 Ultimate Skiing Adventures also offers escapism during restricted travel times and opens up backcountry skiing possibilities you may never have thought of. Ski journalist, Alf Alderson, has put together these 100 destinations, many from experience, featuring not only the well-known ski adventure playgrounds but also the distinctly off radar stashes, several of which are now on our ski destination bucket list, including La Mongie, above...Discover More

Protect our Winters

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How will Covid & Brexit affect Ski Insurance for 2021

HOW WILL COVID AFFECT SKI INSURANCE FOR THE 2021 SEASON. What is the best ski Insurance policy to buy for this uncertain ski season 2020/2021? We asked probably the most respected and knowledgeable person about these issues, Michael Pettifer Managing Director MPI Insurance who has been insuring skiers since 1975...

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Snow Forecast for the Alps Winter Ski Season  2020-21

SNOW FORECAST FOR THE ALPS WINTER 2020-2021. With a full-blown La Nina forming, the magnetic north moving south, the opening of an ozone hole above the North Pole and a lack of sunspots, there could be climate trouble ahead. Check out the meteorological implications and the hair on a cow's neck for how much snow - and powder - we can expect for this winter's ski season in the Alps...

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The Coronavirus Effect: The Future for Ski Resorts 2020 / 2021

THE CORONAVIRUS EFFECT ON SKI RESORTS 2020/2021. The ski industry is holding its breath as the next devastating wave of COVID-19 rolls in to affect skiing and ski resorts opening this winter...

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7 Fixes For Ski Fitness

7 FIXES FOR SKI FITNESS. When you go skiing or snowboarding you want to hit the ground running / riding that is, not be out of breath after the first black run with aching quads after the first mogul. Here's how to step up and fix your fitness for the mountains including boredom-busting exercises and fitness techniques that cost only a few minutes of your time...

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Ski Wear 2021


Apart from a mandatory mask in ski resorts, what's new for ski and snowboard wear, this winter season? Wear high performance gear to protect from the cold, be eco-aware of fabrics to protect the planet - and cover up head to toe to protect from infection. Hazmut suit anyone?...Read More

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Latest Winter Sports News 

    Skeleton: Marcus Wyatt first GB man to manage World Cup podium finish since 2013

    Marcus Wyatt becomes the first British man to claim a World Cup skeleton medal for seven years by finishing third in Sigulda, Latvia.
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    Beijing 2022: How has Covid-19 affected GB's winter sport athletes?

    The eyes of the sporting world are on Tokyo 2020 - but what about GB's winter sport athletes?
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    Laura Deas: From pushing a car to getting back on the ice

    Olympic skeleton bronze medallist Laura Deas reveals how she adapted to training at home and how she is feeling ahead of the new season.
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    Katie & Molly Summerhayes talk Winter Olympics, injuries and joining the police

    In the time since they competed at Pyeongchang 2018, the Summerhayes sisters have seen their careers go in different directions.
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    Elise Christie: Short track speed skater targets 2022 medal before retiring

    Speed skater Elise Christie says a medal at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing would lead to a "happy retirement".
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Latitude the Ski and Snowboard Online Store for Women

LATITUDE, THE SKI AND SNOWBOARD ADVENTURE WEBSITE FOR WOMEN. This new women's website offers specific female ski and snowboard gear and, also, a platform for female adventurers.

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Venom Protects Snowboards From Damage in Transit

HOW TO PROTECT SNOWBOARDS FROM DAMAGE New UK designed product, Venom, protects snowboard edges and sidewall from damage while travelling...

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The New Mobile Ski Boot Service Hits The Road

NEW MOBILE SKI BOOT SERVICE HITS THE ROAD. Avoid the pitfalls of ordering ski boots online and have them delivered to your door with free professional fitting and moulding thrown in with the Hike and Ride mobile ski boot service.

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Randos. Guide to Badass Ski Touring Style

RANDOS. There's an easy swagger to a ski tourer as they walk along, skis on one shoulder. You may think it has something to do with their superiority as part of the badass Rando club looking down on piste punters, but it's actually just because they have their touring boots in walk mode...

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