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20th June


Mont Blanc Ski Mountaineer Record

On Wednesday, 5th June, SCOTT athlete Anna DeMonte, from Utah, became the fastest woman to summit Mont Blanc on skis. Anna, 30, set the women's FKT (Fastest Known Time) on Mont Blanc's Grand Mulets route in a total of 7 hours 29 mins, running up and then skiing down.

"I started at 4:45am and finally reached the summit at 10:34am. Nearly six hours later," says Anna, who set the record FKT using a combination of in-line and prototype skis and running shoes from SCOTT, "The downhill was a dream. Some fresh powder on the north face of Mont Blanc followed by super firm and fast conditions all the way down to 2000m.”


    WILL THE FIRST ELECTRIC SNOWBOARD REVOLUTIONISE NO-LIFT RIDING? Visions of snowboarding uphill to ride down untracked powder on the first electric snowboard, The Cyrusher Ripple, with a powerful 3000w motor, have been dashed by early reviews. At 15 kilos, so too heavy to ride over powder, with a back wheel weighting the tail so it's difficult to turn on an edge, with a battery that has to be carried in your backpack AND costing a hefty $2500, the Chinese motorised snowboard mostly gets a thumbs down from serious snowboarders. On a flat trail with a light layer or hardpacked snow, however, it's a 50kph blast. Check out one of the best reviews:

    KICK OFF NEXT SKI SEASON WITH FREE BEER AND WINE WITH EARLY BOOKINGS. To celebrate the European Football Championship, Iglu Ski will include a case of 24 bottles of beer (or six bottles of wine) with new bookings over £2,500 made before 30th June 30, 2024.

    EARY BIRDS HAVE ALREADY TAKEN FLIGHTS FOR NEXT WINTER - AND SAVED MONEY. According to Ski Safari, skiers who booked by 30th April, this year have saved as much as 55 percent on their hotel, and it's still possible for 40 percent savings on bookings before 30th June.

    CHECK OUT OUR WEBCAM. For current weather and conditions in the mountains outside STYLE ALTITUDE HQ at 1400m and across to the pistes in Serre

Gear Reviews

April 24
Cardo group communication review for skiing


It's over and out for Walkie-Talkies as there's now a better way to communicate with friends on the mountain.

We've now used the Cardo unit numerous times as a comms system on the mountain, the first time at the SIGB Ski Test. Cardo's tech pedigree is that they have been producing communication headsets since 2005, primarily for the motorcycle market.

What sets the Cardo Packtalk Outdoor apart from the likes of Motorola / BCA walkie-talkies is that it is far simpler to use. No pressing a button to talk, having to ask 'did you get that?' or a group of Italians suddenly chattering on the same frequency.

The system is far less cumbersome, as you are in continuous contact with whoever else is linked wirelessly to you and without having to rely on data or a phone signal, plus it's totally hands-free...

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MAY 2024
Digital nomad working from ski resorts


When Italy launched a digital nomad visa in April, 2024, it was a momento fantastico for anyone outside the Schengen Area of the EU, who wants to work remotely and ski in the Alps or Dolomites for the whole winter season, while enjoying endless Italian lattes.

For those skiers and snowboarders who have a laptop and will travel, the mountains are calling. Check out countries with the perfect combo of digital visas and ski resorts...

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The Ski Blog

1st May
self arrest when skiing


There's a YouTube video that's had nearly 7m views. It's titled, '1100 metre piste slide with no skis (82Km/h)'. The description under the video contains a cautionary note from the free faller, who warns: 'Be very careful on steep, icy slopes and learn how to self arrest'.

This winter, I also found myself hurtling downhill on my butt, similar to this guy but not nearly as far. It was the first run in the morning, following rain the previous day with overnight freeze. Higher up the pistes were in great condition but then sheet ice on the last leg of a black run. I lost both skis ending up sliding at ever increasing speed and unable to stop.

So I'm on the lookout for any tips on how to self-arrest for future icy incidents. Check out what I discovered in our latest Ski Blog...

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Winter Sports News

    IOC recommends hosts for 2030 and 2034 Winter Olympics

    The International Olympic Committee's executive board recommends France and the USA to host the Winter Olympics in 2030 and 2034 respectively.
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    Former captain Herr rejoins Nottingham Panthers

    Former Nottingham Panthers captain Sam Herr rejoins the Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL) side for the 2024-25 season.
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    GB relegated after sixth straight defeat at Worlds

    Great Britain are demoted from the top division of the Ice Hockey World Championship following a 5-2 loss against Norway.
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    GB remain bottom after Czech defeat at Worlds

    Winless Great Britain remain bottom of Group A at the Ice Hockey World Championship after losing 4-1 to the Czech Republic in Prague.
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    World number one Taylor sets new Telemark goals

    After achieving her goal of becoming world number one, Telemark skier Jasmin Taylor is turning her attention to next year's World Championships.
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