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Ski lifts closed in Italy until mid-February. There will be no January opening for ski lifts as the Covid-19 infections remain high. Meanwhile, le mot in France is that the ski lifts won't open for February at all, although with the current freedom to travel throughout the country, the resorts will still be mobbed with French families for the four week half term holidays.

In Switzerland, Health Minister, Alain Berset, justifies the decision to allow skiing to continue with lifts still open, declaring it is safe as 'you ski in nature.' But you can also die in nature as well as from covid. This week, there is the serious threat of avalanches in Switzerland with seven fatalities in four days due to recent heavy snow and unstable snowpack.

In Europe, ski resorts are, at least, now reporting the avalanche risks in their websites. With everyone going uphill as in ski touring while the lifts are closed there is considerable danger from lack of safety knowledge among newbie ski tourers without equipment or awareness of the dangers of Heuristic Traps. Best answer: Take a mountain guide.

Check out our webcam in Serre Chevalier. Danger warning for those with a weak FOMO constitution.


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