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STYLE ALTITUDE Features always have an edge (or two). For park, piste and powder. Off piste, backcountry, slackcountry including Tour Guides showing routes for classic ski tours plus daily ski weather blog and snow conditions throughout the winter with Live Mountain Webcam. Ski and snowboard reviews, the latest new and technical kit, ski and snowboard wear all feature in Gear . For Ski Resort guides go to Friends In High Places with news and views from those working a season (or three) in Seasonaires . For skiers and snowboarders. #lifesamountain


Ski Season Weather Forecast


Skis waxed and ready to shred the pow? Check out the signs, stats, swings and the long range weather forecasts for snowfall in the Alps, this winter...Read More

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A Fine Snomance. From Ski Dates to White Weddings

A FINE SNOMANCE. How do you find the perfect ski or snowboard partner? On the chairlift? Ski dating app? And then do you ride off into the sunset or, as in the new Will Ferrell film, does it all go downhill? Louise Hudson talks about the pow of love on the mountains...

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Going Off Grid Off Piste Backcountry Trips

GOING OFF GRID. Really want to get away from it all? Check out the Top 6 Off Grid Powder Places including Siberia, Kamchatka and Mount Elbrus, extreme skiing destinations for powder pioneers...

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Ski Knee Injury: From ACL Repair to Knee Replacements

SKIERS KNEES: FROM ACL REPAIR TO KNEE REPLACEMENT. 'Bend zee knees'. Oh you can't? Either through injury or pain do you feel your days are numbered for skiing or snowboarding? But with great leaps in knee treatments and surgery you could be riding into your twilight - make that midnight - years. Check out the latest knee treatments and surgery plus the price of a new knee...

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Road Tested: The 8 Easiest Alpine Ski Transfers

ROAD TESTED: THE 8 QUICKEST TRANSFERS TO SKI RESORTS IN THE ALPS. Check out the fastest routes to the resorts so you spend less time on the road and more time on the snow...

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Ski and Snowboard wear fashion trends styles for 2019 - 2020)


It's gnarly performance backcountry versus glossy retro fashion with a splash of colour and a dose of eco-credibility as the top trends for ski and snowboard wear for the winter ski season 2019 - 2020...Read More

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More ski and snowboard gear and style

Randos. Guide to Badass Ski Touring Style

RANDOS. There's an easy swagger to a ski tourer as they walk along, skis on one shoulder. You may think it has something to do with their superiority as part of the badass Rando club looking down on piste punters, but it's actually just because they have their touring boots in walk mode...

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DPS Phantom Glide Waxless Base Test Reviews.

PHANTOM GLIDE WAXLESS BASE by DPS does it actually work? Check out our Phantom Glide application guide and reviews for the permanent waxless base with great glide performance for all snow temperatures ...

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On Test: Ski and Snowboard Gear 2019 - 2020

SKI GEAR 2019- 2020. The Style Altitude crew are out in the mountains riding all winter, testing any new gear from ski jackets to snowboard pants to ski wax to snowboard goggles. This is an on-going feature running throughout the ski season so check back here for regular updates on reviews and new gear...

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The Top Skis for Winter 2020 as Tested by PROSKILAB

THE TOP SKIS FOR WINTER 2020 Check out the reviews and awards for men's and women's skis for this winter from the most trusted pro ski testers, PROSKILAB...

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