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This morning we woke up to a white out (image below). It was tempting to get excited and head for the hill except, of course, as there are no lifts it would mean touring up in very little vis. 

So we waited until it stopped snowing at around 11am, did some shopping and then drove to the Col du Lautaret just to see how much had fallen up higher. As we stood throwing wet lumpy snowballs down the hill for the Jacks who ploughed gamely up in the heavy snow that was around their head height (25cms) we could hear the ominous runbling of snow sliding from some great heights. When the cloud cleared we could see that the fresh snow had slithered from nearly every available warm rock surface (see second image).

There's more snow due here, tomorrow, then some inevitable wind. Fingers crossed this will be follwed by freeze/thaw and good ski touring for our final days of the season! Watch this space.

avalanche slides 


End of Ski Season

The restaurants stacked their chairs, the lifts came to a stop and the snow receded another metre up the slopes on the last day of the season here in Serre Che. We skied with friends down empty pistes, had a beer in the sun and just made it down to resort level, dodging grass patches on the Casse du Boeuf run and walking the last 100m over the meadow.

Meanwhile there's still snow up there and there's actually more forecast for next week. So we're not putting the (touring) skis away just yet...


The cold temperatures and chill breeze over the past few days has meant no spring snow for touring, though it doesn't stop some die-hard tourers who go anyway and ski the hard park whatever.  But if you're going to 'earn your turns' walking up we'd prefer to earn good snow.

So as soon as the thermometer started to rise again we were back to what is now our favourite valley up from Cervieres, ready to boot pack up the first half mile or so to the ever receding snow line and taking crampons for the early icy climb.

ski touring

We made it to the border pillar at 2650m in good time, too good as the snow was still pretty hard.

 ski touring with dogs

So we skied down the south side but ran out of snow after around 150m but it killed another 30mins with the skin back up. 

ski touring with dogs

After some patie en croute shared with the Rando Chiens and a few photos, it was around 12.30pm when we eventually headed down. The snow wasn't perfect but it was't bad either. 

ski touring with dogs

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